Director Todd Jason Cook Todd Jacon Cook has written, produced and directed horror films in Houston for the past 18 years. His early films were distributed through Cemetery Cinema from 1992 to 2000 and are now available from Screamtime Films. As a director, Cook is a fan first and foremost and has studied hundreds of horror films over the years to learn how to keep the viewer's attention. Several of his films (such as Death Metal Zombies) have now garnered a cult following. After 10 years Cook's film, Zombiefied, marked his return to the horror scene with a slicker film and bigger production values. The intense, non-stop action film is an original zombie concept which mixes the popular slasher and zombie genres together in an all new crossover. Cook continues to distribute independent horror films through his company Scream Time Films.

Zombiefied had its world premiere Oct. 15, 2010.

Houston Horror Movie Credits include:
Dead of Knight - Actor
Jacob - Actor, Body Double
Zombiefied - Director, Writer, Composer, Editor, Cinematographer, Actor, Producer

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