Director Stacy Davidson Stacy Davidson founded Odyssee Pictures in 2001. A jack of all trades, Davidson is an expert screenwriter, director, cinematographer, editor, visual effects artist and occasionally sound designer. Davidson prefers to run his own camera whenever practical, and keeps a tight grip on every technical detail of his own projects to maintain the highest level of production quality.

With 10 years of experience in the film/video industry, Davidson has made many shorts and music videos, and written/directed two of his own feature films including his supernatural horror film Domain Of The Damned which was named “DVD Of The Month” by Fangoria Magazine, and the teen “smasher” Sweatshop, winner of five awards including Best Special Effects from the New York City Horror Film Festival and Best Picture from Texas Blood Bath. It has screened in Texas, New York, Utah and Manchester, England with great success, and has received a shower of glowing reviews from numerous horror news sites and magazines including the internationally renowned Fangoria Magazine. Sweatshop has been released internationally on DVD and BluRay, and will be released in the U.S. by Screen Media on Sept. 13, 2011.

In January 2011, Davidson co-produced a the third offering for Odyssee Pictures, Jacob. Larry Carrell wrote, directed and co-produced, while Davidson served as cinematographer, editor and post-production supervisor.

Davidson has also worked on films like Chillerama (ArieScope Pictures), The Theatre Bizarre (Severin Films), Psychic Experiment (Lionsgate/Upstart Filmworks), Closet Space (R-Squared Films/Upstart Filmworks), Renfield: The Undead (R-Squared Films), The Flesh Keeper (Nott Entertainment), Dead Of Knight (Starship Films) and 100 Tears (Manic Entertainment/Oddtopsy) in any number of capacities such as cinematographer, lighting director, visual effects artist/supervisor, and/or sound designer.

Houston Horror Movie Credits include:
Closet Space - Visual Effects, Actor, Second Unit Director
Jacob - Cinematographer, Editor and Post-Production Supervisor
Sweatshop - Co-Producer, Director, Writer, Editor,  Cinematographer, Visual Effects, Sound Designer
Psychic Experiment (Walking Distance) - Visual Effects

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