Director Mel House Ever since he did a 3rd grade book report on Christine, Mel House knew that horror was to be his lot in life. After a brief attempt at majoring in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Texas, House promptly changed his major to film and never looked back. He quickly amassed a number of independent film credits in a variety of on-set positions, all the while working towards his own feature. House's debut movie Fade To Black premiered at the Bare Bones Film Festival in 2001, where it won the Grand Jury Award.

Since then, House has worked in various capacities on several projects, including DP'ing the documentary Electric Purgatory - the fate of the black rocker, and then directing the low-budget Lovecraft-inspired feature Closet Space (which has been garnering some pretty good reviews within the horror community). Mel and his work have been featured in Fangoria magazine, on FuseTV, and at several festivals around the world.

Walking Distance, later known as Psychic Experiment, was House's directorial project in which he also returns in a writing capacity, which marked a giant leap forward in many ways, with a cast that includes Adrienne (Friday the 13th) King, Reggie (Phantasm) Bannister, and Debbie (American Nightmare) Rochon. Mel still firmly believes that A Nightmare on Elm Street, Ringu, Dawn Of The Dead (original, of course), Oldboy, and Donnie Darko are among the greatest cinematic achievements of the last 30 years. In addition to doing all this movie stuff, Mel also plays guitar and reviews music for Space City Rock.

Walking Distance
had its world premiere in Dallas on April 15, 2010. Closet Space was released on DVD nationwide on Sept. 14, 2010, though R-Squared Films. House's latest effort as producer is Clinger.

Houston Horror Movie Credits include:
Closet Space - Executive Producer, Director, Editor, Actor
Imago - Executive Producer, Producer, Writer
Possum Walk - Actor
Renfield the Undead - Actor
Sweatshop - Co-Producer, Extra
Psychic Experiment (Walking Distance) - Executive Producer, Producer, Director, Editor, Writer, Composer, Actor

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